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  • The history of the church records various degrees of church and state relationship from persecution in the early days through state patronage under Constantine, Christrianization of Western Europe and separation of Church and State in many Western countries. The African, however, lives in a religious milieu thus the Church/State partnership is a vital subject.
  • Both the Old and New Testament really teach that there should be an active engagement of the secular and the religious in nation building, as both of them are subject to the law of God. This is evident positively in the relationship between Nathan and David, and negatively between Elijah and Ahab. The church has always been involved in national development through the impact of the Gospel on individuals; through the Church as a major national institution; and through development projects such as education and health.
  • It is therefore in the interest of the ruling authority to positively engage the church in matters of governing the nation from, explaining state policy to engaging them in development projects.
  • Church and State relationship in post-independent Ghana has varied from regime to regime; including the poor relationship during the first Republic and early 1980’s to relative accommodation today.
  • This concept paper is premised on the need for improved Church-State partnership for the accelerated development of Ghana.
  • Three suggestions have been made to this end: First, Church leaders must be informed and properly oriented to understand policy and development issues and the choices that genuine political leaders have to make. Second, the government must be convinced that it is good for the nation and politics to constructively engage the church. Third, there is the need to establish a regular forum for such engagement.
  • We therefore propose a conference on Church-State relationship which would bring together experts, church leaders and politicians to discuss the Church-State relationship for the enhanced development of Ghana.
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